We take pride that Benchmark CRM is unique to other CRMs in that you can create, receive replies and reply to replies while logged in online. You can even read replies in your personal inbox and reply to replies from there too. The conversation tracks back to the CRM so you or other CRM users don’t lose important information. Keeping the whole conversation in the CRM is one reason we believe we are the best CRM for small business.

How do I send email from a contact or lead record?

You can send email to your contact or lead while on its record page. Replies go to your inbox and are tracked in the CRM.


What’s the quickest way to create an email?

Use the CREATE EMAIL button on the right nav bar to get to the email composer in one click.


How do I know that my contact or email has replied to my CRM email?

If you see a number in the messages icon, it means there are some incoming replies for you.


Can I reply to contact or lead email replies from my own email client?

When you send a CRM email to your contact or lead, their replies also come to the email address you used to sign up with. You can view and reply to those email replies without having to log in from your CRM. Your contact gets your reply and so does the CRM!


That’s it. Start your emails in the CRM and get your replies in the CRM and your personal email address. Responding from either doesn’t matter as your contact or lead gets your message AND the whole conversation stays in the CRM. Nifty, we think ?