I recently took an Alaskan cruise with my family in honor of my grandmother’s 80th birthday. Ten of us total had the unbelievable experience as we sailed through Alaska on the Golden Princess cruise ship. This was my third cruise, but first experience with Princess Cruises. They were on top of the ball the entire vacation, but looking back, it started even before we embarked on our trip.

I received several emails from Princess Cruises in the weeks prior to our cruise. There were details about the ship and all its opportunities to eat food, as well as activities both on and off the ship.  They also sent emails about boarding procedures and the best ways to travel to the pier from the airport. They had me feeling prepared and, more importantly, excited for my upcoming vacation.

The vacation was a total success. I enjoyed spending time with my family, and I appreciated the excursions provided by Princess at each port. The week passed by way too fast. I was gathering all my belongings and preparing to leave the ship when my phone buzzed with a new email. It was Princess Cruises asking me to fill out an online survey about my experience…even before I got off the boat!

What a powerful tactic: Ask how my experience was while I was still at the peak of my vacation high. Everything was still fresh in my mind, and I was as happy as could be. I hadn’t yet had time to compare the Princess Cruises experience to my previous cruises with other companies, or to think about what I wished Princess had done better. I filled the survey out on my phone while I was waiting at the pier for a taxi to the airport.

We’ve previously discussed the use of customer testimony as a powerful marketing tool.   Having customers fill out a survey before they even leave their vacation is an excellent way to get positive, useful feedback. With one email, you can obtain some of the most beneficial material for your marketing campaigns.