It can be said with relative certainty that the entrepreneur embodies the brand. You wouldn’t argue that Steve Jobs wasn’t Apple, or that Bill Gates isn’t Microsoft. Similarly, any other top executive is a reflection of the brand. So that begs the question: what are you saying about your brand?

You may wish to be a behind-the-scenes executive heading your company toward a vivid manifest destiny, but those days are gone. The days of being able to hide who are you no longer exist. Today, customers want to know who they’re doing business with; they want to meet the heart of the organization just as much as other investors and vendors will.

So what kind of a person are you going to be?

The challenge I see here is not with your business excellence; it’s with the depth of your character. When you’re at a mixer, or at a company dinner, can you…quite frankly … be interesting? Can you make small talk or hold a conversation? Regrettably, I know from experience that most entrepreneurs fail here. They cannot stop talking about their business and they quite frankly are at a loss on what else to talk about.

In light of your faltering ability to present a more dynamic self, I offer you this list of websites that can potentially make you more interesting. Even an occasionally weekly glance through your favorite sites from the ones below can do wonders to introduce your mind to new concepts (and new conversation points). Call it whatever you wish: an exercise in creativity or an opportunity to not bore people.

  • PSFK – With their motto being “live work play better,” PSFK caters to an imaginative audience. Their content is part updates in creative innovation and part trend report. I’ve been using this site for years help fuel content ideas for various industries, and I’ve never once been bored by any of it. Think of PSFK as an online content-based ‘curiosity shop’ that covers advertising, arts & culture, design, retail, technology, and travel, with a dash of fun op-eds.
  • Boing Boing – As ridiculous as this site sounds, it’s one of the internet’s favorite (borderline fringe) pop-culture sites. The online zine offers short stories, longer features, and video posts with writers and editors whose careers have spanned across the New York Times, Washington Post, Wired, Scientific American, et al. – which for you means that your journey toward a more interesting you is fueled by long list of vetted writers you’ll be proud to reference.
  • Brain Pickings – One of my absolutely favorite sites, Brain Pickings is perfect for the philosophical entrepreneur that prefers good conversation over a glass of wine to a rabid convention or conference where it’s more difficult to foster a personal connection. Topics cover famous writers, psychology, music, literature, history, art, neurology, and classic application of modern business topics like how your top ten favorite writers managed efficiency.
  • VisualNews – For a super quick dose of ‘something different’, there’s VisualNews. It’s speckled with creative visual posts that get your mind out of the entrepreneurial rut it’s in. Covering art, design, people, technology, and more, VisualNews will help unbore you by getting you think about something besides excel sheets for five minutes.
  • Selby – This site is great for remote workers who not only tend to lack human connection but also suffer from isolation. Selby is a collection of photos, paintings and videos that showcase interesting people from around the world in their element – usually their home. It’s a dose of inspiration that gets the remote entrepreneur out of his gridlocked perspective that you’re one very small person try to get through the day. Selby is a reminder that there are wonderful people all around the world doing interesting things, including you.