Last week at Benchmark Email HQ, we had a bit of a bug around. I was not one of the lucky few to avoid getting the illness. I stayed home on Friday, but attempted to do some work from there. With a fever coursing through my body, I had a difficult time putting together coherent thoughts. I succumbed to a nap, after realizing I wasn’t going to get much of anything productive accomplished.

Those things happen. All the vitamins and hand washings in the world can’t protect you 100% of the time (or maybe they can…I am not a doctor). Perhaps it strikes on the day you normally write your monthly newsletter or another regularly scheduled email campaign. What do you do then?

One easy fix is a similar tool sitcoms fall back on once in a while. The clip show. Perhaps it contains highlights from your blog or past email campaigns. It’s material you’ve already constructed when you weren’t coughing, sniffling and piled under blankets. If you pay attention to your reports and site analytics, you should easily know what material was your most popular. Revisiting those is a great quick fix when you’re under the weather. Some of your subscribers may have missed it the first time around, or newer subscribers might not have seen it at all. I’m sure all of you can unearth some gems worth sharing again.

There are always going to be days when we don’t have our A games. The show must go on. The clip show is a good tool to pull out of your bag of tricks. When done right and infrequently enough, it can serve to both reminisce about some good stories and introduce them to a new audience. Then you can get back to cursing the patient zero that started your office epidemic (or is that just a me sort of thing?).