Every email marketer looks for ways to constantly improve his click through rates. Why? Because the more clicks you get in your email campaign, the better your sales and your ROI! So here are a few tips to help you get more clicks!

Tip 1: Put in links

Links are a great way to increase those click through rates. You can link your images, headlines, offers and even your videos to your product! When it comes to images especially, readers expect to be taken to a new place when they click on an image; satisfy their expectations by linking your image to additional information relevant to your offerings.

Tip 2: Intrigue your readers

Intrigue your readers by giving them a taste of the information to come. Draw your readers in by giving them part of the story and placing a link that takes them to the complete article. Placing a line like ‘Click here to get the whole story’ is a good way to make your readers’ eager to read more. Just the way the synopsis of a book grabs a reader’s attention and makes him want to read the whole book, a little information will go a long way towards intriguing your reader and will make him want to know more.

Tip 3: Educate rather than advertise

Your copy should be informative, educative and compelling. This means it is important that you write about interesting and relevant topics and at the same time ensure that you have adequate writing skills. Your email copy should not simply blatantly advertise whatever you are offering. Provide your readers with a valid reason to make them want to read more.

Tip 4: Provide free gifts but with an expiry date

Free gifts are a great way to increase your click through rate. Statements such as ‘click on this link for your free gift’ are very effective ways of getting readers to click on your links. However, it is important that you place an expiry date on your free offers as this encourages readers to take instant action.

If you are interested in increasing your click through rate, make sure that you read through all these tips and implement them in your email campaign! If you know of any more tips to raise click through rates, do let us know!