“Please sir, can I have some more?” does not apply only to Oliver Twist. Email marketing requires spending quality time on strategies to expand your email list. Unlike Oliver, however, you don’t need to beg! Here are some quick tips to help you develop your email list:

  • Use multiple, conspicuous locations. People interested in your business are bound to browse through your website. Take advantage of this opportunity and place registration boxes, sign-up forms or even registration links at multiple, prominent locations within your site. Website visitors are potential subscribers so don’t lose out on getting their email addresses.
  • Place sign-up forms on your office stationery. If you have a physical presence and run an ‘actual’ shop, there is tremendous scope for you to hand out sign-up forms to all your visitors. You can distribute sign-up forms with invoices, statements or even remittance slips.
  • Use pop-up windows. Pop-up windows are a slightly different yet effective way of getting people to sign up. If done well, pop-up windows can bring you great results. Sign-up boxes should automatically pop up when visitors leave your site. A drawback is that users might activate pop-up blockers, in which case they will not be able to see the sign-up forms.
  • Place sign-up forms with free downloadable such as whitepapers and articles on your website. Before accessing these resources, visitors should sign up. You could also request other websites that attract similar audiences to send their subscribers your resources, and, in exchange, do the same for them. This way, you can open the door to a host of new subscribers and expand your database considerably.
  • Create incentives. A free gift could be what the doctor ordered when it comes to tipping the scales in your favour. People usually jump atthe chance to get a freebie and are more than happy to sign up in exchange for a little something. A free gift is not necessarily expensive. The key while sending mass emails to offer incentives is to ensure people understand their addresses will be added to your email list once they sign up.