If you’re email marketing you already understand that your reputation is much more than how customers feel about your business; it is your ability to send spam-free email and actually get your message delivered. Maintaining a good sending reputation is an ongoing mission and something you must always strive for if you want to continue to use this tool to drive your business. Fortunately, keeping your rep in good shape is pretty straightforward when you know what actions to take.

Establish the Right Frequency

Your reputation could suffer a critical blow if sending frequency starts to become a problem. Some subscribers might feel overwhelmed with too much while others might end up forgetting all about you if you’re not getting in touch enough. Either case could see your message being perceived as spam, so finding that careful balance is key when it comes to frequency. Don’t hesitate to run a few tests to find out what frequency works best for your audience.

Respect Abuse Complaints

More and more ESPs, Benchmark Email included, are providing marketers with access to the abuse complaints they tally up. This is valuable feedback because it tells you how many subscribers have taken the initiative to mark your message as spam. Don’t treat these complaints as an afterthought. Take it upon yourself to reduce them and get them as close to zero as possible. If you don’t, your reputation could become severely damaged over time.

Grow Your Lists In-House

One of the fastest and easiest ways to soil your sending reputation is by purchasing a mailing list. Why? Because these lists are typically infested with bounces and people who just don’t want to hear from you. Resist the temptation to buy, lease or even borrow a mailing list. Make a commitment to keep your list building initiatives in-house. If want to maintain a solid reputation and get good results, the homegrown list is the only way to go.

Work to Increase Activity

The better your email campaigns are performing, the better your sending reputation will be. It’s really as simple as that. Use this as a cue to do what it takes to increase opens, clicks, conversions and other activities that equal better results. After all, that is the goal, right? When your list is engaged and busy interacting with your content, there is little to no time for spam complaints.

Reputation Is Everything

Building up a good sending reputation may take months or even years for some. Ironically, it can be ruined over the course of a single email campaign. The harder it is slung in the mud, the longer it takes to climb out of the swamp. You put in a lot of work to get where you are, so it would be a shame to see it all go to waste and have to start from scratch. Continue to fight the good fight in order to stay out of the spam folder and off the infamous blacklist.