It’s simple math. The more people who read your email newsletters, the more your client base will grow. Social networking sites are a great way to let the world know who you are and how great the service you provide is. The best part is increasing your emails’ “shareability” is a snap. Here are some helpful tips on how to combine your emails with the power of social networking.

Make It Easy to Share

Help your customers spread the word about your company. Add social sharing buttons to all of your emails. Customers are more likely to tweet or post about your business if you include the links for them; the more your newsletter spreads around the social networking world, the greater your odds for new customers.

Archive It

Just because an email has been sent doesn’t mean it has lost the ability to attract new business. Create a searchable archive of your old emails, and don’t forget social sharing links. This gives current customers a chance to see what they have missed in past emails and makes it easy to share content they find interesting. Also, archiving your emails can bring in new traffic through random keyword searches.

Join a Community

Find a social sharing forum, like the Benchmark Email Marketing Community, where you can upload your emails and newsletters. Your email will be available to anyone who visits that community, even if they come to it randomly, which means that just by joining, you have expanded your audience. Plus, your emails will be stored in HTML format and will be sure to look their best.


Another way to make your emails more “social friendly” is to include more social content. People are more likely to share a video testimonial or a how-to article than an ad for your newest product or a price list. Be creative and keep the content interesting. Before you send an email to your subscribers, remove yourself from the equation. Think about what you would share with your friends if you received that email. If the answer is nothing, it may be time to change up your content.

Make It Mobile

Smartphones are becoming more popular every day. Take a look around you the next time you take the train to work or are waiting in line at the bank. Nearly everyone is staring at an iPhone or Blackberry. Now, emails have to be formatted for viewing on mobile phones – and the ones that work best on mobiles are short, to the point and aren’t too image heavy.

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Digg are powerful tools that can help expand your audience exponentially, as long as you know how to use them. Remember to make it easy for your subscribers to share and keep the content creative and you are sure to see your sales go up.