When German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer stated that “change alone is eternal, perpetual, immortal,” he must have been referring to the state of email newsletter campaigns. His philosophy can be paraphrased as “you rest, you rust,” so you must consistently strive to keep your emails fresh, persuasive and suited to your recipients’ technical standards (emails are read on screens that range anywhere from pillbox size to wall displays). Here are the top five ways to give your campaigns the extreme makeover they likely urgently need.

Add Video & Lots of It

Video may have killed the radio star, and it’s well on the way to finishing off the traditional text-only email newsletter, too. When it comes to making a powerful impact on your subscribers, there are few methods that can compare to slick, professionally produced, informative and entertaining videos. Shy away from the boring talking heads approach and invest in a video that really gets your point across. You’ll see your affiliate program conversion rates zoom.

Create Drip Responders

Real estate agents are masters of the drip campaign and they have leveraged it to an art form. They know that one of the best strategies for building long term interest is to keep tickling your prospects with email content that informs while building anticipation for the next installment. Follow the lead of your local realtor and create a series of educational mini-courses on any aspect of your offerings: from product information for your end-users all the way to instructions on how to deal with a commissionable chargeback for your downstream affiliates.

Use Social Media Buttons, Social Sharing Links, etc.

Did you hear the story about the affiliate marketer who shunned social media? You likely didn’t, as any affiliate marketers who adopt that ill-advised approach are sure to fail and disappear beneath the waves. Social media is here to stay and many affiliate marketers report that the majority of their business originates or is transacted on one of the major social networks such as Facebook. Your email newsletter should be liberally peppered with links and buttons that encourage your readers to interact, like, share and spread the word among their social clique. An endorsement by a valued member of a social circle can surpass the value of thousands of dollars spent on banner ads.

Write for the Mobile Audience

Your affiliate program is complex and likely takes several thousand words to fully portray the highlights alone. Here is your challenge: Make it fit on a 3 inch mobile screen! Your customer is likely to be reading your emails on a screen smaller than a credit card, so encyclopedic treatises on the finer points of embedded commerce are going to land with a thud onto your prospects’ mobile inboxes, followed by a lightning fast trip to the cyberlimbo of Deleteland. Adopt the time-honored screenwriter’s rule: “show it don’t say it” and keep your email newsletters as graphically interesting and text scarce as possible.

Get a Tablet and Mobile Friendly Template

You may be surprised to learn that the email template you’ve been using since the Dark Ages of Mozilla wasn’t designed to cope with the mind-boggling variety of mobile resolutions that range from the smallest Android screen at 240 x 320 all the way to the rumored iPad 2’s “pixels the size of molecules” 2048 x 1536! Before you commit to a new template, ensure that it can readily and automatically adapt itself to a wide array of resolutions and aspect ratios or risk your emails looking more like fruit cocktail than newsletters.

Keeping your email newsletters current and technically adept is the best way to ensure that they’ll keep attracting and impressing your customers!