So now that you’re convinced you should market to mom consumers, the next question is how? There are three simple rules of marketing to moms.

Rule #1 is to create friendly content. Content should be short and sweet, simple yet informative, and talk casually and from the heart without rambling on.

Rule #2 is to include great original images. Moms love ideas and they love original images that share YOUR life – even if created fictionally in “Marketing Land” for the purpose of demonstrating heart. Keep in mind that any graphics or logos should also appeal to a softer sentiment.

Rule #3 is to get on the right networks. Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, popular blogs and forums. These are the mommy watering wells. You can share your content and images here, offer link building opportunities, advertise directly or request reviews. Your now stellar image accompanied content will do brilliantly too.

There is a fourth rule, but that only applies to the go-getting business that’s looking to really stand out. The fourth rule is to brand yourself or your company (subdivisions and projects included) as mom-friendly. Build a strong brand around you or what you stand for no matter what, but that component, added to the process, is key. You’re more likely to get a following and reach pinnacles of success sooner if you pair rules 1-3 with secret rule number four. Keep in mind though that building a personality takes time and commitment. Don’t expect results weekly. You’ll spend about two months just fostering relationships and building trust, but trust me when I guarantee that it will pay off if done right.

When huddled around your marketing conference table or manning the mommy marketing fort yourself, there’s one big obstacle for a lot of small to medium sized business owners and that’s that they’re not moms. Often, smaller business owners may not even have a mom on staff. Yet, you need a mom’s opinion in order to harvest good ideas from the bad.

Luckily for you, everyone has a mom. So your team already has a built in focus group. Hit up this focus group before you launch a business venture, service, site or product centered on moms.

Benefits of a Mom Focus Group

Sure you’re marketing genius, but your target consumer isn’t. Getting your collective group of moms (and maybe even her friends) to visit your e-commerce site or other web-based material will show you any cracks in the design.

Here’s the list of questions you need to keep handy when conducting your test. You can also have your team have their moms run this test independently or have moms answer these questions in exchange for a $25-50 gift card for perhaps the first 10-20 responses:

  • Are they getting confused about navigation, or maybe the font is too small?
  • Are social media buttons clearly visible? Which ones would she subscribe to? What does she think of the appearance of the various social media landing pages?
  • Do landing pages clearly spell out what to do in a no-muss no-fuss way?
  • Are benefits clearly listed? How are they reacting to images or color schemes?
  • Are they signing up for the email newsletter? Why or why not?
  • Are any of the newsletter steps confusing or are there too many steps?
  • What’s their first impression?
  • Do they know where to go on the site within seconds?
  • Do they even want to continue and would they if you weren’t hovering over their shoulder?
  • Are they ready to buy? How much are they willing to spend?
  • Is she comfortable with the checkout options? Does she have any reservations about purchasing online?

You can also take it a step further by asking creative opinions that give you more insight on your consumer group. Ask questions like “What distractions did you encounter while taking this survey?” or “When and where are you taking this survey at?”