Short for Application Programming Interface, the API has proven to be extremely useful for bringing out the best in today’s software applications. An integration technology of sorts, it provides a convenient way for developers to incorporate third-party functionality into existing systems, with classic examples being the array of outside apps designed to function with Twitter. This technology can also be useful in the email marketing arena, and we here at Benchmark Email happen to believe our API integration is one of the most convenient and efficient of its kind.

Push and Pull

Our robust API is designed to allow users to easily integrate their database-driven applications with our system. The real beauty in this luxury is that it works both ways. For example, you can take the contact data from your website or CRM software and add it to the mailing list stored on your Benchmark Email account. Likewise, you can take your existing mailing lists and export them to the database residing on your system. The API makes it a convenient to connect email with your overall marketing efforts.

Craft Super Focused Email Campaigns

The Benchmark Email API can also be extremely useful in helping marketers develop targeted email campaigns. Let’s say you use your CRM program to capture a customer’s information during the sales process. If you are using the API, that information is automatically stored in our software, meaning it can be used to create personalized, highly targeted messages that the customer is more likely to respond to. The API also lets you create campaigns composed of content from your website and even deploy campaigns to your test accounts from a centralized interface without having to manually log in to our system. It doesn’t get any more convenient than that.

Feed Our Reports to Your System

You probably already know that one of the finer aspects of email marketing is its ability to be tracked, analyzed and measured for success. This luxury is enhanced even further through the Benchmark Email API. Our flexible interface allows you to pull a wealth of data from inside, including the performance reports produced by your campaign activity. Now you can easily take statistics such as opens, clicks and bounces and plug them into the database of your existing CRM software or analytics tool. Being able to integrate your data in this manner could work wonders in terms of making adjustments and plotting strategy for future campaigns.

As you may have gathered, the biggest advantage to using the Benchmark Email API is convenience. Instead of doing everything by hand, it allows you to automate many of the seemingly simple processes that take up so much of your time. The API is available at no cost, so feel free to read through our documentation to learn more about how you can fully integrate with our award winning platform today.