This time next week I’ll be getting ready for Thanksgiving dinner with my family. It will be my first time back in Chicago in over a year, and I am very excited. Excited to spend some time with my family and friends and excited to eat some of my grandma’s cooking. You can tell my mind has been on those things by the blogs I wrote this week.

‘Ryno’ Sandberg and the Importance of Brand Loyalty

First was a blog on one of my favorite Cubs and how his actions can teach email marketers a thing or two about brand loyalty. Ryne Sandberg did a lot during his playing career and minor league coaching career to gain the respect of Cubs fans. That’s why it’s hard to see him go, but it’s also why we’d welcome him back with open arms. Companies can learn a lesson from this.

Read about ‘Ryno’ Sandberg and the Importance of Brand Loyalty.

Crumbs Bake Shop Thanksgiving Email

Thanksgiving and a home cooked meal from Grandma have certainly left me with food on the brain. That may be why I was enamored with Crumbs Bake Shop’s Thanksgiving email. They did everything well, from the email to the landing page. I complimented them and offer some tips on landing pages and beyond.

See what went right with Crumbs Bake Shop Thanksgiving Email.

How Facebook’s New Email Service Could Impact Email Marketing

There is news in this world that doesn’t directly relate to me (shocking, I know). Facebook’s new Seamless Messaging is a big step in threading conversations and could have a major impact on email marketers. It’s too early to see exactly how it will play out, but email marketers should certainly be paying attention.

Learn How Facebook’s New Email Service Could Impact Email Marketing.

Hope your holiday preparations are going well and that everyone is happy and healthy heading into this Thanksgiving holiday. If you haven’t created a Thanksgiving email campaign yet, check out Crumbs for some inspiration and use a tasty Benchmark Thanksgiving email template to wish your list a happy Thanksgiving.