We know your Facebook account was probably pretty jealous that Benchmark Email would automatically post your email newsletters to Twitter. How could it not be? Can you blame it? Well your Facebook account need not be green with envy anymore. You can now automatically post to your Facebook wall, as well as Twitter, whenever you send a campaign.

If you’ve already done Twitter integration with our email marketing software, this is set up the same way.

Do these steps just once:

Click on My Account when logged into your Benchmark Email Account.
Next, go to the Integration section.
Click Connect in the Facebook section and follow the simple instructions to integrate your Facebook account with Benchmark Email.

From now on, Facebook integration is just a one-click option:

When creating new email campaigns, just scroll down to Advanced Options on the Describe Email page (it’s the first screen). Check the Facebook option and you’re done. Go on and build your email as normal. Your email will post to your Facebook account automatically when you hit send.

Now your Twitter account is going to have to think twice when getting all high and mighty on your Facebook account, thus saving your Facebook account from an inferiority complex.