If the Pop Culture Olympics ever asked for my qualifications, I’d send them my weekly wraps. Hey, I have to put all this useless knowledge to use somewhere. Lucky you guys. This week we ran the gamut of email marketing strategies, from segmenting individual psychographics to shifting your email marketing plans across international borders.

Banana Republic’s Presidential Bid Feels… Rushed

If they one day decide to carve faces into a mountain for people that write excellent weekly wraps, I hope my name is at least in consideration. The faces on Mt. Rushmore earned their places there, but should they also be pimping Banana Republic? See why the Latest Banana Republic Email Campaign Was Soft on Selling Point.

Who Says Opting-In Is Tedious?

The first sentence of Denise’s blog begins, “Wouldn’t it be nice…” I don’t know what else it said, because I’ve spent the last several minutes singing the Beach Boys in my head. If you make it further, you can read about Joining the Party with Opt-In Email Marketing.

Effective Email Marketing: Segmenting by Psychographics

No, Psychographics isn’t the digitally enhanced remake of a classic Hitchcock horror flick starring Vince Vaughn. Yup. News to me too. It is, however, a new way to segment your email lists. For Effective Email Marketing: Segment by Psychographics.

Design a Signup Form Users Want to Fill Out

With my ADD, it’d probably only take a shiny object. You’ve got to entice others. See why it’s important to Design a Signup Form Users Want to Fill Out.

Major Retailers’ Email Volume Hits Record High Level

For every naysayer that claimed email was dead, I present to you this article. Email is thriving. Get a new topic du jour. What’s the topic du jour? That’s the topic of the day. Good news, everybody! Major Retailers’ Email Volume and Frequency at Record High.

Email Marketing from Your International Kitchen

International Kitchen may sound like a great new restaurant, but this post isn’t about food. I may have lost some of you there. For those of you who weren’t hungry, there’s a great lesson in this post from guest blogger Jordie van Rijn. Find out about Email Marketing Locally and Abroad.

5 Key Ideas for Winery Email Marketing

You can learn all about email marketing for wineries in this post. Me? I’ll stick to drinking wine. Everyone has to do their job. Check out the 5 Key Ideas for Winery Email Marketing.

Support Update: So Many Lists… So Little Time!

Somehow Michelle managed to tie the excitement of purchasing a new car to list approval. Unlike the wizard, she’s giving you a peak behind our curtain. Learn about Benchmark Email Support: Managing List Approval.

Are You a VIP in Your Recipient’s Priority Inbox?

I read this first paragraph about RJ’s record sneezes per hour and thought, I should have taken over at 14.5. Back on topic, which side of the red velvet rope are you on? Are You a VIP in Your Recipient’s Priority Inbox?

Scheduled Email Campaigns Occasionally Need Course Correction

What? Another blog that mentions how my mind is still on the weekend or a holiday? I’m sure you guys are shocked. At least it led to me making a point about email marketing. See why Scheduled Email Campaigns Occasionally Need Course Correction.

HTML Email Templates: How to Say More with Less

Lighting your email up like it’s a Vegas casino won’t necessarily mean you’re going to hit the jackpot. Sometimes less is more. Learn more about HTML Email Templates: How to Say More with Less.

5 Things I Learned from Declaring Email Bankruptcy

Does the sheer number of emails in your inbox cause you anxiety? Do you have an old email address you just don’t want to part with? There’s a solution, and it could even teach you a thing or two. See what Jennifer had to say on the 5 Things I Learned from Declaring Email Bankruptcy.

Supplemental Email Marketing with Social Sharing Buttons

Telling you it will give you better reach and longevity may sound like a commercial targeted at over-the-hill males, but in this context we’re talking about more power… for your email campaigns. Social sharing buttons can take you beyond your own subscribers list. Learn the ins and outs of Supplement Email Marketing with Social Sharing Buttons.