We’ve planned. We’ve created. We’ve tested it until we knew it was perfect. After all this hard work, dedication and sweat, we’re thrilled to announce the Benchmark Email Marketing API, version 1.0.

The Benchmarkemail API is a powerful tool that can allow you to integrate your email programs with our systems. Users managing subscriptions or message content on different systems may use the API to programatically transfer data from the internal system to their Benchmark Email account.

  • Pull data for campaigns and store it on external systems
  • Easily push contact information into your Benchmark Email contact list from your website or software
  • Create and manage contact lists. Easy to export exists active contacts into your systems
  • Create campaigns with content from your site. Send test emails to your own accounts without having to actually login to Benchmark Email website
  • Get performance summaries for your previous email campaigns

If you’re not sure how to use the API, don’t worry: we’ve created lots of material to show you how to do everything stated above. We’ve also crafted a document that shows you exactly how to pull the details you need from your account, just so you can get started.

And we’re happy to say that what’s listed above is only the start – we’re working on releasing even more capabilities soon, including some sample wrappers that use different languages.

Are you ready to get started? What’s stopping you? Jump in, look around and tell us what you think!