In the late Fifties, at a time when email was a futuristic concept only seen in sci-fi, a Japanese engineer and statistician named Genichi Taguchi compiled the basics of a method designed to improve the manufacturing quality of textile mills. Half a century later, Dr. Taguchi’s method is revolutionizing online marketing through his unique concepts on how to optimize the effectiveness of your email message, landing page layout or any element of your campaign’s presentation to your prospects.

Optimization for Textile Mills Works Just as Well for Online Campaigns

Running efficiency tests of various machine configurations in textile, automotive, or other heavy manufacturing factories can entail months of work and millions of dollars of expenditures, so short-circuiting that process through Dr. Taguchi’s calculations can be of paramount importance to a company’s profitability. As it turns out, the Taguchi method is just as effective in allowing you to streamline and maximize the layout of your various marketing presentations.

Taguchi Determines If A Is Better Than B Times Infinity

The essence of the Taguchi method is to understand how many different conditions are required in order to be able to accurately determine whether A is more effective than B, or vice versa. Applying it to the relationship between email marketing campaign elements on a computer screen essentially involves four separate steps:

  1. Choose the element in the email message, landing page or other campaign presentation that you wish to maximize for effectiveness.
  2. Create a series of alternatives for that element.
  3. Devise test concepts that integrate these elements in adherence with Taguchi.
  4. Run a multi-variable test.

Attempting to manually and sequentially duplicate the barrage of tests that Taguchi can run concurrently on your campaign presentations could take you months or years of frustration until you really “dialed it in.” By that time, the campaign might have expired! A single thorough Taguchi test of your landing page, for example, can act as a substitute for several months of jiggling around elements in conventional testing.

The Method Is Applicable to Any & Every Element of Your Campaign

You can select any visual and functional element of your campaign to Taguchi-ize, including:

  • Headlines
  • Content & calls to action
  • Graphics
  • Font styles
  • Images
  • Backgrounds
  • Colors
  • Presentation order
  • Bullet lists

… and more. One of the great advantages of the Taguchi method is that the efficiency of the system increases as you test more elements. You can determine all the elements you wish to test, create all the alternatives for each and then hit the button.

The Cost of Taguchi Tools Range from Thousands of Dollars… to Free!

The most famous Taguchi implementation in the online marketing world is the free Google Website Optimizer. Considering that it is available at no cost, it is remarkably robust and effective. However, there is a wide range of more finely tuned and capable options on the market, but they do bear a considerable cost for initial purchase or ongoing subscription.

Any of the significant number of Taguchi tools available has its pros and cons. So as not to seem to recommend one over the other, a quick search engine query you can conduct for “Taguchi multivariate software” will swiftly bring up all the top services. Fully featured Taguchi implementation is not cheap, but when you consider the level of amelioration it can provide to your campaign in the extremely brief amount of time it takes to arrive at a thoroughly effective optimization, it could be the best campaign investment you’ve made this year.