Automation is the next frontier of email marketing.

Thankfully, automation technology has reached a point where it is accessible to the masses.

Automated customer journeys need not look like a toddler hurled a handful of spaghetti at a wall. Automation can be simple, straightforward and easy to build.

The best news is: we’re here to help.

We’re hosting Automation Fridays every single Friday at noon PST.

Do you have questions about automation?

It could be about how to get started with automation or perhaps you have questions about a current automation you are trying to execute.

Join us and have your questions answered by our Director of Marketing, Daniel Miller. He may even jump right into an account and show you how to build it himself!

Even if you’re not sure what using automation would look like for your business, come see what others are doing with automation. You might find some inspiration!

Plus, we’ll have practical strategies prepared to discuss every week. It could be talking about creating a shopping cart abandonment email sequence or the perfect drip sequence to attach to your lead magnets. We’ll get to those when all of our attendees questions are done being answered.

Automation Fridays are totally free to join.

We’re here to serve as your teacher, consultant and sounding board for automating your emails.

Register for Automation Fridays.