As much as it may hurt my ego to say, there are bigger celebrities in our midst here at Benchmark than the cartoon version of myself. Our Sales Manager, Daniel Miller, and our Spanish Language Manager, Jose Hernandez, are starting to become regulars on television. It’s cool. There’s room here at Benchmark for all of us.

Thanks to our friends at the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce California Chapter, we’ve been invited to share our expertise with Mundo Fox en Español. Daniel was first up to bat, discussing social media with Mundo Fox this past week.

Here’s the schedule for future appearances:

  • March 7th: Jose Hernandez will present the topic: How to Choose the Best Computer.
  • April 4th: Jose Hernandez will present the topic: How to Avoid the Spam Folder in Your Email Campaigns.
  • May 2nd: Daniel Miller will present the topic: How to Use Facebook and Twitter for Your Business.

If you’re a Spanish speaker, be sure to tune in for any and all of our appearances. Let us know what you think!