You’ve probably heard of “open source” for a while now. Open-source thrives on the idea of communal IP for the good of many, and it does a lot more than just sound like a digital hippie commune.

Provided it’s a sound destination with secure software, open source software provides a wealth of benefits for users, including: reliability, support, community development, idea generation and sharing, flexibility, cost effectiveness, as well as a system of checks and balances through community audits. You’ll also find open source software is often designed by your group of peers and for peers – so there’s a greater emphasis on application and usability, a higher level of integrity, and less marketing lingo designed to get you to buy in.

That’s where Kaltura comes in. Kaltura is an online and open source video platform trusted by over 100,000 companies including small businesses, academic sectors, service providers and vendors – all of whom use it to boost their videos and subsequent web presence. But the platform doesn’t just cater to video needs; it includes all media types including images, audio files and documents, making it ideal for video-centric multimedia needs.

Why Kaltura Works

Aside from being a unique open source software with legions of users, Kaltura also makes it easier for companies to publish videos, syndicate/distribute them, engage audiences and clients, monetize, analyze, manage, create, edit, host and stream them. Users will find it quite easy to upload and integrate audio/video files (and live broadcasts), including the option for bulk uploads through a browser, app, email or mobile device. Videos can also be annotated, moderated, rated and integrated into Facebook, Twitter, various apps and more.Companies looking to monetize video content will gain from Kaltura’s monetization tools plus engagement analysis. Kaltura also features plenty of applications such as Drupal video modules, a WordPress video plugin, SharePoint video extension, Moodle video extension, along with a few others. All media can initially be managed through the Kaltura Management Console, allowing for one simple interface for all your video needs. And finally, their Video Building Block for Blackboard helps managed media content while Kaltura’s trademarked MediaSpace grants users the autonomy to create “out-of-the-box” video portals. Essentially, think of Kaltura as your video control central for “Corporate Tube.”

Trust is really important in open source solutions, and Kaltura earns that trust by being a secure destination and by allowing users to host the platform behind their own firewall. Alternatively, you can use the software as a service (Saas) or switch between that and self-hosted service. Either way, the software can be customized for individual needs, which offers an elite level of flexibility for a pioneer system.

It’s preferred by users since there’s no contract locking users in. In addition to saving them money, it saves them time by already offering key source code that otherwise would require users to create on their own or purchase services for. In either case, it would eat up time and money. Plug-ins and add-ons are also freely provided in Kaltura’s Application Exchange. Since its open source is a peer network, you can also rely on the community peers working to innovate the software through evolving tricks and tweaks. Note that Kaltura offers four editions of its service, with privileges that vary between the Saas Edition, On-Prem Edition, Community Edition and Cloud Edition.