Humans are visual creatures and any company that uses this knowledge to their advantage in marketing will be a successful one. Especially with digital marketing, there are more than enough ways to use images and graphics to stimulate the viewers and grab their attention. Just like how trends are always changing within the digital marketing world, in terms of content, social media platforms, ads, etc., images too are always evolving to match the trends of the year. Think back to the types of images used ten years and now … vast difference right?

In 2016, it is a whole new ball game when it comes to choosing the right images for your marketing. Images no longer are just random objects placed on a table aimlessly, or three people in business suits shaking hands. Even a family of four lounging in their sunny backyard with their golden retriever is still too distant and reserved for what audiences are craving to see now.

It is common knowledge that people want to connect on a deeper level and see themselves in the images. 2016 is taking that concept to a more artistic and transcendental level. Now that this year has just started, let’s take a look at what are some trends for images.

Film photography. A sharp eye can see the difference between a cookie-cutter perfectly staged studio photo, and one that is taken spontaneously. The latter is what people are drawn to. The trend in the past few years have been about grabbing authentic shots, but 2016 is calling for even the equipment used to take the shot to be the original film photography. There is a certain rawness in tone and depth in the photo, which can only be captured through film, and that is one of the biggest trends we will be seeing this year.

Point of view. Nothing can get you more up close and personal in a photo more than almost actually being in it. It makes you wonder why this trend wasn’t as strong in the past. Take that example of the family of four in their sunny backyard. Seeing them from a distance playing Frisbee with their dog is like being a neighbor peering over the fence at them. “Wow, that’s nice. Good for them.” How about an upward shot of a Frisbee in the air and right below is the golden retriever running off? That puts the viewer right into the photo and therefore has a better connection. “Good boy, Rover! Go get the Frisbee!”

Multiple patterns. Digital marketing by itself can be too structured or too mechanical. It was never really looked at as a creative industry until the importance of using engaging images has been stressed on in recent years. Remember, you are trying to market to humans, so you have to capture their attention through use of colors and patterns. The trend last year was all about minimalism and simplicity. While that trend will still slide on over to the new year, 2016 is calling to bring back colors galore and multiple textures.

So now that you have all the right images for your marketing plans, where are you going to store them? With so many awesome new images to use, you will need a photo-sharing which will contain tons of storage space, allows ease of sharing, and organization. Flickr has all those features and more to help you add engaging photos to your marketing.

Integrate your Flickr account with your Benchmark Email account to personalize your email marketing that will tell a story about who you are and what your business does. With a few clicks of your mouse, you can share your Flickr photos with your friends and subscribers, promote company events, and connect with your audience on a deeper, more human level.