Pop quiz time! Do you want what are the essentials in creating the perfect landing page? Do you even know what a landing page is??

No, it is not a piece of paper you put on the floor for your paper airplane to land on. It is that one piece of website page that can make or break your company’s weekly promotional sale. It is that one page that will either convince your customer to go ahead and get that buy-one-get- one free on all scarves deal exclusively for this week only, or make them turn away in disgust and never want to even click on any of your links anymore.

Even though some of these questions and answers might be already known to you landing-page savvy folks, it’s always worth revisiting again to refresh our memories.
1) What is a landing page and what is its purpose?
A landing page is a webpage that is suppose to generate leads for your company. It is completely separate from your main page, because it has the position of the end destination for your guests, where they can make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter with their email.
2) What do you put on a landing page?
Whatever the purpose of that landing page is, make sure you make it very clear on said page. Too often, people create a landing page that looks exactly like every page already on the website so that customers don’t know what they are suppose to do there.

That’s why design and content are the two pillars of this page. Make sure the design layout still resembles your brand without looking too much like its main site. That way, customers still know that this is the same company they know and love, but be curious as to what this new page is talking about. Without content, make sure you put that main purpose of this page and the call-to-action you want customers to do. (Sign up for our free weekly newsletter, or purchase $50 dollars or more and get free shipping).
3) How do you get people to click on that landing page?
It all starts from the previous page that your customer was on. The whole reason they would click to get to the landing page in the first place is because something you said in their previous page peaked their curiosity. So be creative in some taglines to persuade why they need that product and why they need to go to a new page to learn more about it; but without sounding too salesy off course!
4) What happens after they convert to a lead?
Well first of all, give yourself a pat on the back because Mission Landing Page was completed. The thing to remember now is that once they became a lead, you have to do your part to make sure they continue to be a lead. That’s why it is so important to include a sign up box on the same page, so that customers can give their email addresses and you have a way of connecting with them again in the future.

Email marketing is then used to maintain a relationship with them. Send a thank you note for their latest purchase, coupons and discount for special occasions, or even exclusive deals for being such a customers!

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