November has barely ended and yet this week at Benchmark was full of activity. Which is impressive, really, because I still feel like I’m in a food coma from all that turkey (and about 1000 other Chicago treats that I managed to stuff myself with). Play a little catch up with us, since we feel like this week just flew by.

Chanukah Email Templates

Thanksgiving kicks off a bunch of other winter holidays. Chanukah began this week on December 1st. Share in the miracle that kept the oil burning for eight days with a Benchmark Chanukah Email Template.

Stand Out in the Inbox by Always Arriving On Time

Let your subscribers know what they should expect and when they should expect to see it. Customers will look forward to your emails…if they know when to expect it. Stick to a schedule. Find out why you should Schedule Emails to Ensure Customer Trust.

Boost Your Email Marketing Metrics by Crafting Great Preheaders

There’s a little piece of content at the top of your emails that holds almost as much importance as the subject line. Find out what the preheader is all about, and some best practices associated with it. Email marketers can benefit greatly from writing effective preheaders.

Email Newsletter Awards: Best Design

The Benchmark Email community is an often underused aspect of what we offer. We want to not only reward those that use the community, but highlight some of our most innovative clients. See who won this week’s email newsletter award for Best Design.

LinkedIn Shares Content, Contented Marketers

LinkedIn introduced a new share button, similar to the Facebook ‘Like’ button that has been spreading like wild fire on the Internet. Just copy a bit of code and you can place it on your website, blog, email, etc. Can email marketers use the LinkedIn share button to their advantage?

So much to keep up with. Too much for you? Free up some time by winning three free months of our We Do It For you service. Just record a video telling us why you deserve to win. Who doesn’t want some extra free time right around the holidays?