A place for everything and everything in its place. We used to nod impatiently when our moms repeated this as she oversaw us putting away our laundry in the appropriate drawer; sweaters in the bottom and socks in the top. We might have just brushed it off, but at that moment when one sock somehow lands in the bottom, or a sweater ends up crumbled in a corner of your room, didn’t it just throw everything off? It’s visually and mentally disturbing and you just have that itch to put things back in their rightful place. So not only does Mother knows best, but Mother knows how to run a business because in a company setting, for sure everything must be in place.

There is a 99% chance that any expert writing about running a successful business will mention something about organization. After all, how can you make sales if you don’t organize a list of prospects to pitch to, and how can you implement a social media campaign if you don’t organize which content to post on which day?

In his article “Get It Together: 7 Quick Ways to Make Your Business More Organized,” Peter Daisyme states that “at that heart of every business is the need to be productive, which is determined by how efficient and organized you can make all functions within the company.” There is no argument against that; to produce an amazing product, you need to have a well-oiled machine with every gadget performing its duty.

So what does that mean for businesses today, especially in this digital age? It means that we got stay organized the digital way. Every project, contact info, internal meeting notes, even down to the company lunch menu is best imputed into a system where everything is in one place and where everyone can easily access. That’s why a CRM software tool is a definite must have for your business. Every position in a company can benefit from using one: sales, marketing, accounting, project manager, customer service. Not only will it keep your company in tip- top shape, but the organization will lead to the overall success for your business.

So which CRM to use? Highrise has been constantly ranked as one of the simplest yet effective CRMs in the market. Highrise also offers extras and add-ons that will boost your business, such as the Benchmark Email Highrise integration. With this, you can add your contacts from your Highrise account into your email list, with no setup required!

Mother would be so proud!