Thursday is an often slighted day. People spend the entirety of Thursdays wishing it was Friday. Well, we’re here with a reason to appreciate Thursday. Each and every Thursday, Benchmark Email’s favorite in-house personalities will join in on Radio W690AM from 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM PDT as a part of the show in a segment titled Technology Is Your Ally.

That’s right. Jose Hernandez and Daniel Miller will be in studio every week to share their expertise on how technology and the Internet can help a business grow. They will also discuss the smart way to grow your customer base and sell more. Other topics of conversation will include technical equipment that facilitates virtual communication and online advertising that will make a difference at a low cost. All this and more, week after week, will be presented by our visiting experts from Benchmark Email in Spanish.

We would like to that the United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce in Los Angeles for making this all possible. Part of the excellent support and service of this Chamber is providing opportunities such as this. The show is directed by Agustin Pradillo. Be sure to tune in!