Louis CK has been an innovator in comedy for most of my life. He was a head writer on Conan in my formative years and has been one of my favorite standups, since I was old enough to pay attention to them without my parents giving me “earmuffs.” He writes, directs, edits and everythings his show, Louie, himself. He’s clearing the path for independent businesses these days too.

For his recent comedy special, CK sold it for $5 on his website. He made a hefty chunk of change and donated a ton of the proceeds to charity. Several other comedians have followed suit. I know bands like Radiohead have done sold-from-the-website, pay-what-you-want methods in the past, but it appears CK got it right.

Now, following that format, he’s looking to sell his concert tickets exclusively through his website. The goal is the eliminate extra fees and make the price of tickets reasonable for his fans. They’re even going to enforce an online resell policy. If they catch you selling his tickets above face value, they will cancel the ticket and refund your money. CK says he plays to strictly regulate this.

Despite being a force in comedy for over 20 years, this is the biggest Louis CK has ever been. His new business tactics are no small part of that. Even his email subscription process is different. The choices are:

  • Yes, I’d like to receive further email about Louis C.K. things.
  • No, leave me alone forever, you fat idiot.

Even in being self-deprecating, he’s reminding you why you’d want to hear from him in the first place. All of his email newsletters feature the comedy stylings you’d expect from CK.

So, Louis CK sat back and realized he wanted to take care of his fans. He’s offering affordable comedy specials and tickets to his shows…and he’s more successful than ever doing it. We’ve been telling you all along that if you focus on helping your customers, the sales will follow naturally. Louis CK is living, breathing proof. Try and apply this principle to your own business. Or you can tell this fat idiot to leave you alone forever. Your call.