Is it “Love is in the air” or “What’s love got to do… got to do with it?” No matter whether your romantic proclivities tend towards the sappy sentimentalist or the detached ascetic, as an email marketer you have to recognize that Valentine’s Day represents one of the year’s top dates to tie in your campaign to a powerful theme which resonates with your subscribers. However you don’t have to try to squeeze your analytics trying to locate the single byte which conclusively determines whether a particular customer is a dewy-eyed moonstruck lover or a coldly logical and fully pragmatic serial mater when you can provide Valentine email missives focusing around a preference which applies to just about everyone!

Best to explore more non-committal options

Flowers and diamond rings represent a somewhat idealized and traditional romantic image which may or may not be to the taste of all your Valentine’s Day consumers. Not only are they considered relics of old fashioned and conventional relationships of years gone past by a growing swath of the American public, but they are an anathema to the millions of daters who consider a long-term relationship the very rare one that actually gets to the second date. That is why the reliance on this type of email campaign concept and imagery may not be your best bet in Valentine’s Days from now on and you might be well advised to explore the more non-committal options. No matter what the tendencies, details, or expectations of any relationship which exceeds the textbook definition of strict friendship may be, there is always a common denominator, and that is that both parties want to have fun! That is the key to your preferred Valentine’s Day email campaign, as the ones which will be most effective and be able to touch the greatest number of your subscribers are the missives which both promise and demonstrate what can be the most entertaining and diverting way to celebrate Cupid’s Holiday.

Your subscribers dream of a rejuvenating & reenergizing spa

Everyone loves to be pampered and there are few ways to feel truly special and relaxed than being truly catered to in a spa setting. Both men and women will find the experience rejuvenating and reenergizing, and each of the five basic types of spas have their own particular benefits:

1. Day. The conventional spa most people usually first think of, with massage treatments, hot tubs, and a variety of pampering procedures.

2. Destination. A comprehensive vacation program which integrates conventional spa treatments with fitness and exercise, along with healthy cuisine.

3. Thermal. The oldest type of spa, this facility is usually based around a natural hot spring which contains waters with high dissolved mineral amounts which are believed to have therapeutic benefits.

4. Ayurvedic. Holistic treatments based on special diet, herbal preparations, various exfoliations and purifications, as well as yoga.

5. Medical. Institutes focusing on aesthetic enhancement or overall wellness programs delivered by medical professionals.

Capture the hedonistic essence of the day

The magnificent variation in the different types of spas make them among the best Valentine’s Day email marketing campaign tie-ins! No matter whether your customer is interested in a quick one-hour visit with their loved one or dreams of lounging in a steamy bubbling natural pool overlooking the Tuscan Hills, you will certainly capture the hedonistic essence of the day by incorporating a spa concept into your emails.

The ways you can dovetail your Valentine’s Day email campaign and your subscribers’ dreamy desires for a spa treatment are limited only by your imagination. You could create a contest where the grand prize is a trip for two to a domestic or even foreign top rated destination spa, or if you are a local business you might want to provide a voucher for a special treatment at a day spa in your town. No matter what approach you choose you’ll find that your customers will be motivated by your capturing of the true “heart” of Valentine’s Day in the prospect of a spa treatment, no matter whether they’re romantics seeking a forever-love or just out for a good time!