Video in email can be a strong tool when used properly. For it to be successful, you need to look and sound good. The visual aspect can be broken down into two important parts: being engaging and looking professional.

The Setup

Video can be done all by yourself, or you can hire a crew. Not everyone can afford a production team, so this blog will mostly focus on the DIY path. I will say that if you do go with a professional, find a price that fits your budget and a production team that you are comfortable with. Watch reels and do your due diligence. You need to be confident in putting your brand reputation in someone else’s hands.

Coming to You Live

Are you comfortable speaking in front of a camera? If so, great. Set up in front of your webcam or grab a camera man to operate a FlipCam (heck, even the iPhone 4 offers HD video). Make sure that you articulate your words and smile plenty. If you look like you’re having a good time, your viewers will as well. Pay attention to what is in your background. Don’t show the world the clutter on your desk or office. If you are going to go in front of the camera to represent your company or brand, be sure you look the part. People will react to how you dress.

Helpful Tools

If you’d prefer not to be on camera there is another option. Use a program such as Power Point or Keynote to create a slideshow. Use captivating images and make sure that the slideshow is paced well. Play around with transitions and make sure there is a good flow to the video. Record a voiceover to match.

Another off-camera option is to use screen capturing software to give a demonstration. Most programs come with editing software that will allow you to cut out any pauses or speed up time (I mean give the illusion of time going faster – these programs aren’t time machines). You can also spotlight points on the screen to draw the eye to specific places. You don’t have to stop there; you can add images and other graphics on top of the screen captured video. Be creative.

Be Proud of the Product

In the end, don’t make a video just for the sake of making one. Be proud of the product you are putting out there. Make sure whether you are in front of the camera or behind it, your video looks professional and engages the viewer. Put that together with the rest of the audio tips and you will have a successful video email.