Receiving Spam Complaints is an inescapable element of being an email marketer. Your Dental or Orthodontic clinic can apply the highest level of email best practices and still receive Spam Complaints. The basic email industry threshold is one spam complaint for each 1,000 messages sent. If your marketing process exceeds that level your Dental or Orthodontic business may very well be facing the possibility of email blocking or outright blacklisting. Here are some of the best ways to ensure that your outgoing emails will receive as few Spam Complaints as possible.

A Spam Complaint is when a customer accuses an email marketer of sending messages that were unsolicited. There are various ways a consumer can lodge an official complaint, including filling out a form with Spamcop or directly with the US Government at the Federal Trade Commission site. Most of the primary Internet Service Providers also make a report function available to their customers which flag various incoming messages as spam. There are some steps that can be taken by Dental and Orthodontic businesses to minimize the number of Spam Complaints:
Provide Clear Instructions

Your subscribers should be informed in both your privacy policy and anti-spam policy as to how they can complain directly to your Dental or Orthodontic clinic rather than one of the specific agencies. Many times your less internet savvy customers may want to complain directly to you but may not understand how to do so. Make sure that every email you send out has a link to these policies or better yet a specific complaints form.
Request Whitelisting

Asking your subscribers to place your Dental or Orthodontic clinic on a whitelist will speed its way through the spam filters, and is also virtually obligatory for some types of email systems such as Facebook.

Segment & Engage

Generic messaging typically has a higher level of Spam Complaint than email newsletter content that is more directly relevant to the specific consumer. Segmentation of your list and the appropriate crafting of personalized content will reassure the reader that the email was intended specifically to suit their Dental and Orthodontic needs and requirements.

Profile Customization

Encouraging your subscribers to customize their profile through your preference center will allow them to modify the frequency of their emails to a level that best suits them. Overly frequent emails are a leading cause of Spam Complaints.

Don’t Look Like Spam

There are countless ways to quickly identify spam emails and they include ALL CAPS; red fonts; bolding of phrases within the body copy; misspellings of known spam words (FR€€, SAMP!E, ACCE$$, M0NEY); and excessive punctuation (!!!!!). Avoiding all of these visual triggers will help your subscriber recognize a legitimate email newsletter from your Dental or Orthodontic business at a glance.

Don’t Propose Offers that Look Too Good to Be True

Making offers that transcend believability can negatively affect your Spam Complaints management program. If you are offering a full set of fitted dentures or orthodontic braces for $99 your customer may be shocked into determining that this proposal is illegitimate. Keeping the discounts rational and reasonable will hold complaints to a minimum.

It is imperative that your Dental or Orthodontic business has access to any complaints that are lodged against you. Reviewing the Spam Complaints received is an integral part of any email marketing strategy, and the levels of complaints will guide you into which steps you should undertake at any given time to react to problems in your campaign and bring the level back down to an acceptable level. Your email service provider should be in a position to present this data to you, but you may also want to take the following steps:

Constantly reconfirm that your abuse@ and postmaster@ addresses are fully functional by sending yourself test emails from an outside domain such as Hotmail or Gmail.

Register those two addresses with, which is a centralized clearinghouse for abuse addresses.
Waiting until your customers complain to the authorities is the worst strategy. Taking proactive action today will help your Dental or Orthodontic clinic maintain a spotless online reputation.