The phrase “Content is King” became popular with the rise of blogs. Yet the idea that great content was really disguised marketing genius was already an understood fact when it came to white papers. Beyond blogs, a white paper is any document that’s written with the aim of offering a solution to a problem. Originally starting within the government sector, white papers became popular in technology and now make their rounds in just about any industry.

So how do you manage a bulk of white papers?

The right document management software can do just this. But there’s often a confusion between content management software (CMS) and document management software (DMS). In a nutshell, CMS is about organizing and improving the accessibility of your digital content. On the other hand, DMS is about archiving, tracking and managing documents throughout their lifecycle. Documents in a DMS can be written, revised and updated; DMS offers interactive abilities that CMS simply can’t.

The right DMS can not only improve the quality of your white papers, but also manage their content, which in turn strengthens how effective of a tool your white paper becomes in your marketing efforts. Check out some of the top picks below….

KnowledgeTree – There’s a lot you can do with this nifty software, but when it comes to white papers, KnowledgeTree offers a lot. You can search for documents via project name, file type, metadata and keywords within the content. KnowledgeTree works like a cloud system by letting you access documents from anywhere, even your cell phone. Plus, any changes you or team members make are synchronized so that each version is updated. I personally love their alert feature. With so many projects, I’d love it if all my document collaboration projects offered alerts like a review or deadline.

KnowledgeTree is also pretty affordable, with “Professional” packages priced at $95/month, “Team” packages at $295/month and “Company” packages at $475/month.

Docsvault is another great software you can use alone or in conjunction with KnowledgeTree. Docsvault, also a document management software, hosts many of the same great features such as document centralization and digital file access, targeted searches and improved workflow through remote access. However, Docsvault allows you to secure documents via controlled user access. It also allows for policy compliance. What I personally absolutely love about Docsvault is their ability to convert all paper files into digital searchable PDFs. Though as a small business owner you’d have to judge whether your budget can afford Docsvault’s $525 price tag.

If you’re the type of business owner that likes to see variety before deciding on a course of action, then consider checking out Dokmee. Dokmee features search and retrieval features, version control and workflow control.

Dokmee Home starts at $199, which I found to be a hefty price tag. If you’re looking for a free run then check out OpenDocMan, which boasted 15,000 users in the last year. Free software, however, comes with its limitations. OpenDocMan doesn’t offer all of the great benefits that, for instance, KnowledgeTree does; you really just get centralized storage, the ability to track changes and switching on limited access to second and third party users.

If you’re a white paper novice, you’re best off starting on the right foot when it comes to managing your documents. If you’re a pro, you’ll see the benefit of a great DMS system embedded into your company’s project management needs.