I grew up in the suburbs of Chicago (actually, I grew up in the place that Mean Girls is based on, but that’s besides the point). In the suburbs, there is this middle ground that exists in your youth. Your parents don’t feel the need to have an adult there to chaperone any hangout with buddies, but you still don’t have a car to really get you anywhere. It’s a limited freedom. It’s liberating at the time, but you don’t really know any better.

So, where do you go in Deerfield, IL when you’re allowed to be places without having to be seen with your parents? For many, it was walking, riding a bike or even skateboarding to downtown Deerfield, where there was a mom and pop pharmacy called Lindeman’s. There we could purchase candy, no matter what our parents thought, or a soda. They even had a soda fountain. It was a relic of a time passed, but for us, it was so much more.

Some time during my late junior high or early high school years, Lindeman’s closed. They simply couldn’t compete with the Walgreen’s that had gone up across the street. Remarkably enough, that didn’t change our destination. Walgreen’s just wasn’t the same experience. The mom and pop place was more exotic, more exciting to us.

March 29 is National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. My memories of early adventures isn’t the only reason I want to tell you about such a day. My father also owns his own business and put my brother and I through college with it. Many, many Benchmark Email users are also mom and pop business owners. Benchmark Email even boasts our own mom and pop with Curt & Denise Keller.

This March 29, customize a Benchmark email template for a National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day. Perhaps you are one and can celebrate that fact. Maybe you have a special story about a mom and pop shop like my fond memories of biking down to Lindeman’s. Whatever it is, mom and pop shops are still part of the great fabric that makes up this country and they deserve their day. I’m sure many of your subscribers will enjoy reading your mom and pop shop stories.