Marketing departments are about creation. Marketers are in the business or creating digital and print content that gets you to the next stage…the sale. As a small business owner, I have dozens of marketing materials created each year and frequently use them to speed up any communication process with a client. I know some small businesses that, depending on their industry, have up to hundreds of marketing materials.

So it makes complete sense to find a way to manage your marketing materials. Luckily, MarcomCentral does just that. MarcomCentral recognized that marketing needs to be faster in order to keep pace with a changing marketing climate, and tied to revenue goals. With that in mind, they have created a wonderful easy-to-use web based marketing asset management tool to help centralize, localize and distribute marketing materials around the world. Marcom is a platform for marketing management that automates the process, reduces marketing costs by 40% and shifts marketing launch dates from months to minutes.

It also makes it possible to create relevant localized marketing. Say you’re a small business with a brand, yet you’ve opened up a branch elsewhere. Perhaps you want to tweak your marketing materials and graphics slightly to accommodate the shift in direction. MarcomCentral lets you do that easily with a dropdown menu that allows you to select your template and changes. This process also makes it easy to have all marketing materials centralized in one place so that there’s no going back and forth asking everyone whether they have the document or file you need. On a larger scale, changes to corporate messaging and brand elements can be made simply across the entire business.

Marketing department operations can also be streamlined by following the flow of information to see where the project begins to funnel. Users can also create “ultra-personalized customer communications” by using the MarcomCentral not just as a design storage software, but as a design software to create visuals that get noticed. And if you’re dealing with vendors, you can grant them limited access to necessary marketing materials to ensure they’re well-equipped to sell your products.

My favorite features include job tracking so you can see the project status for multiple orders or accounts – which is great if you’re outsourcing some of your work. The software also creates a unique job ticket that helps track and identify various projects.

Administrators can also control portal design, manage users and also manage assets. You can limit access, modifications and even require final design or change approval before the change is shipped off to the printers. You can also use the training features to conduct a 305 day training session at MarcomCentral’s SanDiego location or at a location of your choosing.

But of course one of the most important considerations aside from user control is budgeting. As far as budgeting goes, MarcomCentral has a setup and monthly payment that’s measurable and calculable. On the other end of the spectrum, the platform also has user budget controls so that customers can control spending per person. Payments can also be made with either a credit care or a purchase order.

MarcomCentral works because it’s based on SaaS technology (Software as a Service) that requires no servers, no software to download and no internal IT resources. MarcomCentral boasts the slogan, “Be faster, be relevant, be efficient…be effective” and I think they’ve hit the nail on the head. It’s used by industries across the board including restaurants, insurance, hospitality and non-profits. To see whether MarcomCentral is worth it for your business, check out their ROI (Return on Investment) calculator on their home page.