As a celebrity couple, it is almost a requirement to announce your pregnancy to every news and media outlet, take “bun-in-the-oven” photo-ops at every red carpet event, and then finally debut your golden child to a prestigious supermarket gossip magazine, gushing how absolutely over the moon you are (FYI, every celebrity always repeat the same “over the moon” phrase after their baby pops out. Don’t believe me? Google “over the moon” with every celebrity parents you can think of and be amazed at the search results).

Kevin Jonas of the now defunct Jonas Brothers band, and his wife, Danielle, had forgo the customary Hollywood Baby publicity wagon and took matters into their own social media hands. What is now referred to as the first Sponsored Twitter birth, Kevin Jonas documented the pregnancy process through his Twitter account, but also snuck in a few mentions of Dreft, which is apparently the best baby laundry detergent in the whole wide world!!


As part of their partnership agreement I guess, Dreft returned some of the love with a few of their mentioned Tweets as well.


Note the heavy hashtag party going on. How lucky are us Twitter followers that get to see real time Tweets as if we are right there in the birthing room?! Can you imagine Danielle Jonas panting and pushing their first precious baby daughter out and Kevin is there, half-cheering her on and half-hastily Tweeting updates? Maybe it’s a bit too extreme for us average citizens, but for celebrities, the more sponsored Tweets, the better!

There have been many partnerships conducted between celebrity parents and companies to boost each other’s … products? The Jonas’ win the prize of the first use of Twitter to record an actual birth taking place. Not only that, but they also bestowed upon Dreft the privilege of showing the very first picture of their daughter. How many of us can say that we had our very first baby photo published on a company’s Twitter page?

By now, I’m sure you can spot the very subtle marketing tactics in this Sponsored Twitter birth. Use of hashtags so JoBro fans can follow along with the birth, a Tweet that redirects us from Kevin Jonas’ account to Dreft’s account in order to see the picture of their baby, and of course, Kevin casually mentioning that he loves using Dreft products!

Well, congratulations to Kevin and Danielle Jonas and their beautiful baby girl, Alena Rose “Dreft” Jonas!