There’s a car… then there’s Knight Rider.
There’s a submarine…and then there’s the Nautilus.

There’s social media marketing…and then there’s Mass Relevance. Mass Relevance is social media the way it was meant to be executed. It’s elite, it works and it gets noticed. It enables producers and marketers to “aggregate, filter and integrate real-time social content into virtually any brand or media experience.” It’s used by just about any media outlet that matters, including MSNBC, ABC, MTV, the OSCARS and the Golden Globes, E!, AlJazeera, Thomson Reuters and more. But it’s also used by Pepsi, XBox, Samsung, Cisco and even Katy Perry’s California Dreams marketing team – showcasing its diversity.

Why are so many users flocking to it? Because it goes beyond social media intelligence, giving you a privileged key to access over 250 million tweets daily as sources for social content. Twitter is just one tool, but theses tools can be data mined intelligently rather than just blindly and use it to build a unique end user experience back to your platform.

One of the biggest problems with social and real-time media is the level of content and how quickly it flies by. It would take an army to be on top of that data. It would take a team to really even filter through the standard social media intelligence platforms, but with Mass Relevance you know what’s relevant from what’s not.

Media and entertainment broadcast industries can integrate the social content onto broadcast media, while publishers and new media channels can curate breaking news across the social web. If you’re in entertainment, Mass Relevance helps you amplify your client’s presence and integrate social content during concerts to help boost audience enthusiasm and engagement.

That’s on the media end. On the brands and retailers end, Mass Relevance helps marketing departments within these industries integrate social media into their campaign. Currently only 17% of companies are doing it, while nearly 100% of consumers rely on social content to discover and discern new products – movements that help decide what gets purchased and promoted within their networks.

For companies that produce monetized media, Mass Relevance helps them attract, filter and moderate the right media to plug back into their social experiences. The platform helps users create and optimize this type of content by creating any digital experience using HTML and UI social modules to create web, phone, tablet, broadcast content. You can even plug it across the big screen or create real-time displays that can be shared across various channels at the same time. It doesn’t sound like just a social media campaign; it’s a social media battle plan designed to win.

The battle plan is focused on participation. Whether you’re a media outlet or in entertainment, the end result is conversation, and Mass Relevance helps users create interactive real-time content to engage users. Here the conversation strategy is based on securing the best content from participants and embedding it into digital and broadcast media.

Clients can also choose between products and platforms, which helps them in tweaking the best way to reach out to their core audience. Mass Relevance offers product platforms including:

  • Mass Ratings to capture quick social posted star ratings
  • Mass Impressions to drive social opinion sharing
  • Mass Polls and Mass Answers to drive interaction
  • Engagement Modules that can track trends, social curation streams, image galleries, influencers and user geographics

The company also offers unique social media services that involve discovery, strategy, design, development and moderation via their cloud-based platform.