These days most small business owners don’t just stop at opening up one business – rather, they have two or three. This ambitious group faces a huge dilemma when confronting their social media campaign. Solitary business owners already mount the challenge of launching a diverse campaign by trekking through it themselves, contracting an outside talent or by hiring a new team member. Savvy professionals know that it’s a full-time job that requires full-time attention.

But what exactly are you to do if you have multiple businesses? Hire multiple talent, contract multiple freelancers or overburden your current social media manager with new campaigns for additional business? Before we embark upon our solutions, please let me interject by adding that it’s a seriously grave mistake to have one social media manager for business A now also be the social media manager for business B; if you have no choice, then you’ve got to hash out a serious talk at the negotiation table and be realistic about your campaign and expected results.

Most of us have our hands tied. We have little choice but to do more, and faster, and better than before. If you’re finding yourself in this latter group then you should definitely be prowling the best web applications for making your life easier.

You may already be familiar with Hootsuite and TweetDeck, a social media dashboard that allows you to manage multiple social media accounts through a single platform. But MediaFeedia is honing in to just Facebook users. Understanding that a company’s marketing can’t include a blanket marketing strategy that doesn’t address the strengths/weaknesses of each social media forum, some business owners are flocking to MediaFeedia exclusively for their Facebook needs.

MediaFeedia excels in treating Facebook as a content management system (CMS), and for businesses with multiple accounts and/or contributors, MediaFeedia is where it’s at. The platform also offers key analysis of Facebook pages by offering alerts each time a comment is posted and by creating a version of Google Analytics for a user’s Facebook pages; users can even reply via email instead of logging into your Facebook page. Digested analysis that tracks key words and traffic is great for measuring return on investment and tailoring your campaign to attract the highest yields.

What really caught my eye was the ability to schedule posts, including posts with pictures and links. This was a critical feature for a small business owner that not only has their own personal blog but also manages the social media campaigns for several small businesses. Instead of using up time every day shuffling between accounts, and feeling lost and frazzled amidst it all, you can schedule a time once a week or once a month to manage all Facebook activity across all various Facebook pages – and track the results. MediaFeedia lets you schedule posts (with multimedia) days, weeks, months and even years in advance. This autopilot feature really makes project managing your Facebook page a lot easier.

So what type of small business should really be considering MediaFeedia? If your business offers a lot of video content, you should be flocking to MediaFeedia since Facebook pages can host video data far more favorably than Twitter, which at this time can only offer a redirected link to the video source. Statistics also show that your audience is more likely to view a video that is ready to stream rather than take the extra step to click on a link. MediaFeedia is also great for blog or content heavy businesses that want to use an editorial process to manage their posts.