Yesterday, I was reminded that this upcoming Monday is Memorial Day. That means a few things. Just like the Cubs, my beach bod will have to wait ‘til next year. Also, we get a three day weekend! It announces the beginning of summer and is a time spent with family and friends.

Memorial Day weekend is also prime time for shopping. So, it should go without saying that it’s also a great occasion for email marketing. You’ve probably already seen at least a few email campaigns boasting great sales this weekend. So why haven’t you sent one too?

A lot of times, the advice to novice email marketers is to focus more on building relationships and helping your subscribers, rather than just selling to them, so the sales will naturally follow. Then there are holidays like Memorial Day, where all of America is looking to shop. It’s a time when you’re almost expected to make your best sales pitch. It’s a rare eclipse of when you going for the promotions is what your subscribers are likely looking for. Take advantage!

Tomorrow we’ll go back to singing the praises of relationship building and being a resource for your subscribers. There will be plenty of time to discuss writing subject lines, copy, design and all that jazz. For now, run wild and enjoy an opportunity to do the thing you began using email marketing to do in the first place.

Writing all this may make some email marketing experts cringe (because all the things I just mentioned should all still be in place), but I’m just being honest. Even with the green light I’m offering you here, be sure that your campaigns still make sense. And for that matter, it only makes sense to use one of our spectacular Memorial Day Email Templates. Happy Memorial Day, everybody!