When we think of Millennials, we think of technology addicted kids who are obsessed with selfies, snapchats and social justice. There’s more to being a Millennial than just that. In fact, there’s a whole other type of Millenial – the Millennial Mom.

Millennial moms are women born between 1980 and 1995, who are very much shaped by the technology and culture of millennial youth. If they aren’t shaped by it, they’re a natural demographic in close proximity to the next generation to the point that they’ve seamless adapted into a Millennial mindset at home and in the workplace. So when these women become moms, they bring their forward thinking Millennial mindset to the table.

These moms are socially savvy, utilizing between 3 to 4 social media accounts on average. Compare this with other moms who are on about 2-3 social media channels. These channels include Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram as top three picks. Other choices will vary depending on the type of work a mom is engaged in. And from my experience, if you’re limited on resources and time, the two channels that are absolutely non-negotiable are Facebook and Instagram. That where you should be putting in all your social focus.

Millennial moms are also internet savvy, which means they want to be able to use social media like they would Google. For you this means moving beyond trite inspiration messages as the pinnacle of your social media strategy, which is common among amateur or under-funded social media managers.

Instead, focus on a content strategy that links website/blog content with email marketing, where social media is then use to plug these two high priority content sources. This way, there’s a plan that gets you the traffic,  conversion and brand loyalty that you’re after – but it also gets Millennial moms access to information in a methodical way rather than digging in the annals of old social posts trying to find that one post that mattered them years ago.

Why does content accessibility matter? Because Millennial moms are high engagement and highly networked moms. They share info with each other, which means if they’re talking to another mom about a tip or resource, they don’t want to have to spend too much time to follow up by struggling to find the source of your brilliant content piece.

Whether it’s website content or email marketing, or both, remember to make sure it’s mobile friendly. An estimate 79% of Millennial moms rely on smartphones to access social media. But that figure is only a portion of the picture. The other half of the picture is how often Millennial moms rely on smartphones to make online purchases – that figure rounds to 44%. So if you’re in the product business, you’re website absolutely has to be remote shopper friendly, especially in all email marketing campaigns that are guiding moms to the shop.

If you’re wondering if your audience is Millennial, start by taking stock of clients or customers. There’s a good chance that shaping some of your customer or client experiences to favor the Millennial mindset is something that will help your business moving forward. Because even if you don’t have any Millennial moms in your roster right now, the next wave of clients coming your way will think like Millennials and want the same level of network and access.