A while back, the good people at Edisonda reached out to us and asked if Benchmark Email would be interested in partnering on a study focused on mobile eyetracking in email marketing. As nearly 70% of all emails are opened on mobile these days, we knew it was as important as ever for a study such as this to take place. We couldn’t wait to see the results!

Edisonda used Benchmark Email’s tools and templates for this study, along with some rad glasses from SensoMotoric Instruments that track how the eye reads emails on mobile. For the study, each email campaign was presented to the user for 15 seconds. They were allowed to freely scroll through the email.

Edisonda found valuable data on three key aspects of email marketing: text, visual (design) and layout. The results showed the effects of changes to:

  • Length of paragraphs
  • Where text is placed
  • Content of images
  • Logo placement
  • CTAs

According to Litmus, 80% of people will delete an email that doesn’t look good on a mobile device. To avoid being deleted, see the results from the report along with heat maps of how your subscribers eyes will view email on mobile.

You can download the report here, or view it below.

Download the Edisonda Mobile Eyetracking in Email Marketing Report.