Mothers. We all have them. Kanye West raps about them. Most of us love them. And at least one day a year, on Mother’s Day, we make sure they know it.

In fact, at least 85 million matriarchs were celebrated on Mother’s Day in 2016. Mamma mia that’s a lot of love to go around!

We show that love in a lot of ways to the tune of $23.6 billion dollars. Does anyone else see Dr. Evil in their head when they read those numbers?!

I was always told that “it’s the thought that counts,” but the consumers spent an average of $172 on Mother’s Day in 2016.

With those kinds of numbers, it’s no wonder we expect to see tons of email marketing campaigns in our inboxes leading up to Mother’s Day.

If you haven’t begun planning your Mother’s Day email campaign already, there’s still some time. We’ve put together some tips and an infographic to help jumpstart your efforts. Plus we have some Mother’s Day email templates to help get you going.

Mother’s Day Email Marketing Tips

Of course, you can also look back at your inbox and see what others did in previous years on Mother’s Day. That will give you a good idea of what you liked and didn’t like and what you think you can improve upon.

For example, it can help to know who you could be targeting your email campaigns towards by who is buying the most Mother’s Day gifts. That just happens to be 25-34 year olds, according to Fundivo.

It also helps to know what moms want. Here’s what they’re expecting:

  • 36% of moms say they want something homemade. See? It is the thought that counts.
  • 34.8% want dinner. I’m not sure if that means a home cooked meal or at a restaurant.
  • 22.5% plan to be opening at least one greeting card. Make sure you add your own personal note.
  • 22.5% prefer the sweet smell of flowers. If you’re like me, you’ll procrastinate until you have to pay for the rush delivery fees. Don’t be like me.

Beyond what moms want for Mother’s Day, it also helps to consider who those moms are that are being celebrated. This group of matriarchs is comprised of moms or step-moms (63.9%), wives (23.3%), daughters (10.7%), sisters (8.7%) and grandmothers (7.3%).

When it comes to writing your subject lines, it pays to get emotional. A subject line that can gives your subscribers the feels will have a 21.5% higher open rate than those that don’t for Mother’s Day campaigns

Ideas for Mother’s Day Email Campaigns

Now that you understand who you’re directing your Mother’s Day email marketing towards, the question remains of what to send.

Again, taking a cue from Mother’s Day email campaigns past can help you understand what you can send. This most common Mother’s Day promotions are free shipping (55%), sale price (44%) and coupons (41%).

Here are some more ideas for Mother’s Day email campaigns:

Offer a gift guide. Make it easy for your subscribers to find the perfect gift for their loved ones. Off suggestions for all the types of moms in their lives.

IfOnly Mother's Day gift guide

This Mother’s Day gift guy from IfOnly is designed to help you get the perfect gift for mom. Sometimes it helps to consult an expert. If you’ve built trust with your subscribers, they’ll be happy to follow the guide you provide.

Include gift wrapping and cards. Remove a step or a trip for your subscribers and offer to wrap their gifts for them and include a card with the message of their choice.

Give your mom customers a gift. Everyone does it. Free dessert for mom at a restaurant, free popcorn at the movies. Your mom customers will love it and you’ll still get the rest of the family’s business.

Table Table email

Offering a free meal for mom, like Table Table does in this email, will bring the rest of the family in as well on Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day Email Marketing Infographic

We’ve summed up all of these Mother’s Day stats and tips in a helpful infographic.

Check it out, craft the perfect Mother’s Day email campaign and help your subscribers in need of the perfect gift.

From all of us here at Benchmark, we wish a happy and healthy Mother’s Day to you and yours.

Mother's Day Marketing infographic