Sitting in traffic on my drive home from work is my favorite time to call family back home and catch up. Yesterday, I called my grandma and she told me a story that made me smile. She told me she had talked to my dad earlier in the day and asked about plans for Mother’s Day. My grandma was thrilled to report that my dad would be grilling for Mother’s Day and had promised her that ribs (her favorite) would be on the menu. She was excited to spend some time with the rest of my family, but she was mostly excited for the ribs.

My dad’s making me look bad. I haven’t even picked out a card yet. Before you go and judge me, know that I already talked to my dad about making a Skype call during the BBQ. I know that for my mom and grandmas, just seeing me and my brother’s smiling faces will be enough to make their day. Laugh at my high opinion of myself if you want, but it’s been hard on my family having my brother and I living away from home.

Use a Benchmark Mother’s Day Email Template to celebrate moms with your subscribers. Share your (more developed/thoughtful) plans for Mother’s Day with your list. Maybe it will give them some good ideas to celebrate the moms in their lives. Happy Mother’s Day!