In response to suggestions from our clients, the Benchmark Email Marketing API has now been upgraded with 3 new methods.

You can now fetch the report to get the email addresses of the contacts who clicked on any links in your email. This is marked under the Reports related methods reportGetClickEmails.

The other method includes the feature of being able to control the content of the optin email. You can now create a signup form and then use the signup form in your application to add contacts. This allows you the update the body of email, instead of the Benchmark Email default which was being sent earlier. This method named listAddContactsForm is marked under the Contacts related methods. We have also added a method named listGetSignupForms to fetch the list of signup forms in your account.

You can also find the code examples and the sample integration code updates in the API section.

Keep an eye on the blog for more plugins and integrations over the coming months.