One of my favorite parts of working in social media is being able to talk with our users. If you’re not conversing with us on Facebook or Twitter our User Voice Feature Request Forum is another opportunity to let your opinions be heard. We’re listening! Want proof? Today we introduced another new feature first presented on the Feature Request Forum.

You can now delete templates from your My Email Layouts section of the Choose a Template page. That way the templates you no longer consider “My Email Layouts” won’t be.

Doing this is simple. When you’re on Step 3 (Choose a Template) of the email creation process, select My Email Layouts. On the bottom right corner of each template you will see the circle to choose a template and, next to that, a garbage can. Click on the garbage can. It will prompt you to make sure you want to delete the template. If you’re sure, select Continue.

This feature will prevent your My Email Layouts section from becoming cluttered. It will also let you remove old or outdated templates, making sure they don’t accidentally get selected. Less opportunities for mistakes along the way is a simple step in the quest for successful email marketing.