When I hear the term reskin, I picture the movie Face/Off or maybe at the very least the undercover techniques of a Mission Impossible. For Benchmark Email, it isn’t so Hollywood focused…despite our Southern California headquarters. Many of you may have noticed it gradually happening already. A brand new logo, improved graphics. Great video content. If this was a boxing match, that would be us leading with the jabs. We were just setting you up for the knock out punch of excitement.

Like a new and improved car, Benchmark Email will be sleeker, more functional and a whole lot more fun to look at. The first thing you’ll be likely to notice is the new header and navigation. Same great tools you’ve come to know and love from Benchmark Email, just easier to get around.

The entire site is getting a redesign. Our incredible design team has been working tirelessly to make a site that embodies the personality of our company. I am confident that you’ll love what you see from the new Benchmark Email website.

This is the point in the informercial where the announcer comes in with the, “but wait…that’s not all!” That’s right folks! Are you sitting down? We’re about to knock your socks off. Benchmark Email is proud to announce our brand new, easy-to-use event marketing module.

Great new look, exciting new tools. Welcome to the new Benchmark. Be excited. This excited:

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