I was asked to write a holiday blog for Boxing Day. While I have certainly heard of its existence, I have no idea what Boxing Day is. I do have some guesses. Some make more sense than others.

Guess Number One: Logic and Reasoning

Lots of holidays involve presents. Lots of presents come in boxes. See where I’m going with this?

Guess Number Two: Too Literal?

Boxing has shrunk in popularity in the US but perhaps other countries like it enough to give it its own holiday. Take a day off work and celebrate two red gloved opponents pummeling each other. I’m for that holiday.

Guess Number Three: Is That Really Holiday Worthy?

Perhaps Boxing Day is the one day of the year that everyone in the country is supposed to move. They give everyone the day off, you load all your belongings into boxes and move on to your next dwelling. No?

Guess Number Four: Date Based, Combined with Guess One

Boxing Day takes place the day after Christmas. This is the day that everyone throws their unwanted gifts back into their boxes and takes them back to the store to return them.

What Is It Really?

There are a few theories on the origins of Boxing Day. One is that workers were forced to work Christmas Day, but could have the following day off. Their employers would give them gift baskets before they went off to their families. Another involves boxes in churches used to collect for charity. However it started, it now often serves as a holiday to honor service workers (mailman, doorman, etc). It’s a bank holiday and also a day off work in most countries that Boxing Day is celebrated. In the UK, Boxing Day is similar to their Black Friday.

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Whether you celebrate Black Friday or you were as clueless as I was, you can wish your subscribers a Happy Boxing Day (is that even what you say to people?) with a Benchmark Boxing Day template. I think it would be fun if you all made your own guesses and shared them with your subscribers. Also, share them in the comments. I’d love to hear your guesses. A Merry Boxing Day to you all too!

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