It has been several months since we introduced our Features Request forum. The information you have given us through there has been invaluable. We always love introducing new features to our software, but it’s even better when the idea comes from our users. That’s the beauty of it. Any time you come up with something that would make sending your email campaigns even easier, just click on the Features Request button and suggest it to us. Many of our latest features have been ideas generated via the Features Request forum.

At any point while you are logged into your Benchmark Email account you can click the red Features Request tab on the left of your screen. You have 25 votes to work with and can assign up to three votes per feature. Those votes are returned to your stable once a feature you voted for has been accepted or removed. The Features Request form will send you an email digest of any comments, status changes and responses from an administrator.

One of the latest feature suggestions we received deserves a special spotlight. List hygiene is too often ignored by email marketers. Your most valuable subscribers are the ones who not only wish to receive your communications, but also those that actually open their emails. One of our users suggested that they would like the ability to purge lists of subscribers that haven’t been opening their emails. Our new Clean List feature allows you to remove those subscribers who have not opened your last 5, 10, 20 or 30 emails.

To access this feature, log into your Benchmark Email account and click on the Lists tab. Click to view the list you want to clean (the magnifying glass). Select Clean List, which is in the Contact List Activities box on the top right of your screen. You can click to purge Unsubscribes, Bounces (Confirmed, Hard or Soft) and Contacts who have not opened the last ‘n’ emails.

Keep the great ideas coming. Benchmark Email will add all your best ideas to make your job easier. But remember, “This isn’t ‘Nam, Donnie. There are rules.” If your suggestion is voted in, it will become our next great new feature.