Right now you are looking at your email campaign, reading reports, and discussing marketing strategies with your campaign designers… STOP! Does the email you are sending out look like the one you sent 3 months ago? It better not.

Emails need to be fresh and up to date, they need to have a competitive edge that shows the recipient a pertinent message. But more importantly, your demographic may get a bit moody and hit that spam complaint link if your marketing practices are stale. Think of marketing as a river, constantly moving, changing with the environment. Sometimes it changes the environment i.e, branding. You can’t measure successful marketing with email campaigns that are identical, but you sure can measure the spam complaints.

Now that I have your attention, next week with Part 2 we will go over strategy on how to fine-tune the aesthetics of your campaign. Part 3 will go over lists, and part 4 will deal with content. Stay tuned.