I’m going to keep this one brief. Last week we talked about the look and feel of an email campaign. Today we’ll talk lists. In short:
1) DON’T BUY LISTS! Purchased lists are flooded with spamtraps. Enough said.
2) Keep your lists small and relevant to the message at hand. Find out who your demographic is so that you can market a specific product or service as efficiently as possible.
3) Get rid of old lists. What is the definition of an old list? 6 months or older. I know this seems short but if your recipient wants your services or product they will contact you. Consumers are creatures of habit. Once a brand has made a good impression, chances are that brand will be purchased again. But if I get an email every week for Brand X’s dishwasher detergent, chances are I’m going to buy their competitors’ product just because Brand X has become despised.
4) Make sure you have a one-to-one relationship with your clients. Third party affiliate lists aka “association lists” are convenient, but will your name be recognized (and more importantly, welcomed) by the recipient? If not, you’ll have a 50/50 chance of being flagged as spam.
5) DON’T BUY LISTS! Just to drive that mantra home.
Since my 49ers are not playing in this year’s Super Bowl, I hope whatever team you’re rooting for wins. See you next week.