It’s already September and parents, students and educators alike are all in the midst of back to school fever. As a school administrator or marketing professional, how will you be reaching out to improve fundraising and bottom lines this year? Benchmark Email’s comprehensive guide to Email Marketing for Education Institutions speaks to the vast range of distributor types, showing how added attention to online promotions can truly help your facility.

As more people turn back to education for a secondary degree, both to increase their earnings potential and start new careers, it’s important to have a quick and efficient inroad to communicate with them about school services and advantages. At Benchmark Email, we have the solution in the form of a marketing manual specifically tailored to the education services industry. Our dedication to email service provision, online marketing, branding and social media integration serves to educate our users, providing them with the most up to date and valuable information and to ultimately explore marketing best practices in a detailed yet comprehensible way – all with an attractive price tag.

Education: The ABCs of Email and Social Media Marketing is a comprehensive, fully researched PDF on email best practices that you can download for free or read directly from our website.

Benchmark Email is proud to offer you the best marketing resources the industry has to offer and we can’t wait to welcome you to the team. For more PDFs and guides, check out our email marketing manual page.