When times are tough, it’s even more important to keep your chin up, enjoy good friends, good food and good times. Party supply operations are more important than ever, and a great source of fun, from your child’s next birthday party to the wedding on your calendar for this coming spring. With such diverse business units and individual needs, how can a party supply store – small or large – reach the clientele best suited to their operations? Email marketing allows businesses to reach out to a greater number of clients with more specifically targeted sales information at a lower price point than traditional advertising methods.

After years of providing exemplary service to party supply retailers across the country, Benchmark Email has just released its first industry-oriented guide, Party Supply: Serious Email Marketing Results in a Fun Business, to help you get your online promotional efforts off the ground. We can show you how to reach new customers, build your subscriber list, tailor your efforts to specific group segments – all with the grand finale of an elevated bottom line. Learn about how Benchmark Email can help you become the best business in your market by allowing us to help make your online presence boom.

Benchmark Email is superlative in its field for providing the most efficient, effective and expert email marketing techniques in the industry. Our professional media concierges will help guide your email marketing newsletter campaign beyond your goals and into even greater success. Start by reading this free, downloadable PDF guide about email marketing for the party supply industry. Benchmark Email has more than 70,000 satisfied users across the world, and we can’t wait to add you to the list. In the words of famous 80s icons Wayne and Garth: “Party on!”

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