It’s time to save the dates.

A great little CRM improvement is the ability to add a date range as a condition in your views.

  • Need to see which contacts were created between 1/2/17 to 1/9/17?
  • Want to see the opportunities with an expected close date between 2/15/18 to 6/4/18?
  • Can you see the support tickets that were opened up between 12/14/16 to 12/17/16?

Done, done and done!

Use the “Between” Condition on Date Fields

Whenever creating a view, if there’s a date field available, you can create a between condition for it.

Step 1:

Add a “Meets All” or “Meets Any” condition to your view

Step 2: 

Select a Date or Date/Time Field (we call this the 1st operator). An example would be “created date/time,” “due date” or “expected close date”

Step 3:

Select the “between” option for the 2nd operator

Step 4

Select your beginning and ending dates.


Step 5

Save your view


The new between operator is just one part of creating views. For a quick overview on creating views, watch this video below: