For the Benchmark Email users who are taking advantage of our powerful sub-account tools, we’re happy to announce that we’ve implemented a feature that will give you greater integration and control from your master account.

Benchmark Email already offered the option to have one master account and several sub-accounts. That way, each division or segmentation of a list could run its own campaigns. Perhaps in the past, each sub account would use its own HTML template. This worked, as the person running each account would be responsible for knowing what was working best and seeing the best ROI. In today’s multi-channel, dissected marketplace, it is becoming increasingly important to carry your brand across all channels. Now this can be done with ease.

Now the master account can create one template that represents the company’s brand, and push it to each of the sub-accounts. This gives a company’s email marketing campaigns a cohesive feel and the master account more control over the email marketing plan as a whole.

From the Templates Page in the Email Builder, select My Email Layouts. You can choose to Share with Sub-accounts at the bottom of each template in this category. A box will pop up, and you can select which account you would like to share the template with.

From this point on, it will be easier than ever to give your most complex email marketing campaigns a unified feel. When you keep your brand identity coming from every channel, you’ll increase your recognition in no time!